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Team WolfPack Racers

How to get into Drone Racing as a beginner.

Drone Racing is an addictive sport and so much fun. You get a rush when flying low and fast through a course filled with 5’x5′ gates to go through and tall flags to go around. If you’ve never flown a drone before, you have to come to one of our races and check it out.

Though Drone Racing is a fun and competitive sport, we do take it seriously as far as growing the sport in a safe manner. We want you to have fun, we want to see you become a good pilot. And that’s why we are here. To help you get to that goal.

We will be writing a step by step guides to help you walk in the right path in our blog.

Organizing Race Events

Organizing tips and tricks

What's in a racing drone?

Basic components in a racing drone and where to find the best deals.

Different types of racing

From micro to full size racing drones.

Our Pilots Love Us

“Honestly the only guys i like flying with, I’m sure there’s more out there but I feel like family when I’m around them. Great group and very glad to have found them.” Lucian Flaitz

“I first started going to wolfpack races for MultiGP back in 2016. They were a great bunch of guys and there were people all over the central Florida region.

After going to more and more of their races, I consider the Wolf-Pack to be my home chapter. The Organisers Donovan (Wolphe), Oscar and Andjelo (VolusiaFPV) are really friendly and they helped me a lot when I first started.

Donovan also creates the Interchangeable Quad (IQ) series of frames and they have been so strong, that’s all I fly now. The group as a whole has been very helpful in helping my build/tune and test my quads when I first started, I would highly recommend the Wolfpack if you are a beginner or even a seasoned veteran pilot.” Charles Blackburn

“One of the best races you will ever attend. Its the One race everyone is looking to attend. Team Wolfpack has hosted some of the best tracks and races FPV has ever seen. Donovan, Angelo and Oscar are amazing organizers and even better people. You wont be disappointed and you definitely will have a great time.” Felix Perez

“Wolf pack is where i watched my first fpv race. Ever since then ive been attending events and wolf pack is always stepping up the bar with the track innovation and keeping things fair and interesting with there pilot classes for every school level. If your looking for some fun fpv racing that’s organized and caters to their pilots look no farther than wolf pack fpv. Proud to call them my home chapter.” Randel Pike Jr